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Moffat really needs to stop making the Doctor comment on Clara’s body and appearance. Not only is it sexist but it is also damaging!

  • To little girls who would think that this is normal behaviour, that how they look is just a funny gag.
  • The little boys who would imitate the Doctor. 
  • The women who watch this and are shocked to see what they experience everyday in life is on Doctor Who as well.

If you do not believe me read what karmaplus’s cousin said after watching an episode. Please note that karmaplus doesn’t want to discuss this any more.

I’ve started compiling a list of Twelve’s put-downs of Clara, which I’ll be updating as new episodes come out.  (I included remarks about her being a control freak, not just her appearance.)

So far there are two episodes in which Twelve doesn’t insult Clara - Robots of Sherwood and Kill the Moon. And guess what? Those are the two that Moffat didn’t write or co-write.

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